Friday, July 22, 2011

Fessie's Birthday

Fessie Manuel Pennington was born 99 years ago today, July 22nd.  I couldn't let the day get by without a remembrance of him.   Above is a picture of Fessie with his first grandchild.... me!  I am a July baby too!   Below is the earliest photo we have of Fessie, taken about 1914.  He sure was a cute baby.


Anonymous said...

"Pawpaw" Fessie where ever you are, I'm sending you birthday wishes on what would have been your 99th birthday on behalf of your youngest descendant,Little Luke Mills. He is as special to his grandparents, Judge Mike and Mona Mills as your first grandchild, Mona, was to you.

Luke's grandpa owns a tractor and maybe he too will have a photograph made of himself setting on his grandpa's tractor for comparison. His talented grandma will think of something special!bettye, the shirt tail Robinson kin

Arvil said...

Bettye, I bet Luke's grandpa will get him a Ford tractor laek that some day.

Anonymous said...

Arvil, then Luke can chase those "crazy" escape artist new born calves for his grandpa when they bravely walk thru barbwire fences!!

Can't you just see that site in Fulton with Granpa Mills, legs crossed and Little Luke "trottin' the horsey down to town" - come on all us Itawamba Co. and Marion Co. grandchildren road those horses when we were barley able to sit up!! I am almost certain that I have memories of doing this as a tiny little girl - my sister is 9 years younger than me, so maybe those memories are of Linda riding the horsey.

Now that our youngest grandchild is shopping for a college to attend for pre-med a year from now, I can doubly enjoy watching our little Luke growing up. bettye

Ma jean said...

Mona, I loved this. Can't believe
Daddy would be 99.

That little girl on the tractor, kind of reminds me of Little Luke.