Monday, September 3, 2012

Cousin Bettye

Family and Friends:  It is with a heavy heart and full tears that I ask you to please pray for Cousin Bettye Stone Woodhull who is dealing with both kidney and heart failure.   Doctors have indicated that her heart cannot handle the strain of additional kidney dialysis, and the prognosis is grim.  Please pray that Bettye will stabilize long enough to be able to visit with her family this coming weekend.   

Bettye is very proud of her deep Itawamba roots (Stone, Dyer, Robinson, and Evans families among others), and I am very proud to call her both Cousin and Friend.  Many of you will remember Bettye's many comments on this blog over the past few years as well as comments on other blogs and in discussion groups; some of you may have been lucky enough to meet her in person.  She will be sorely missed.   -Mona

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