Monday, March 8, 2010

Depressing Times

July 16, 1931
Local Happenings

Mr. Quitman Dulaney's store at Dulaney Branch on road No. 25, north of here, was gone into on Friday night of last week, and most of his groceries were stolen and carried away. They were perhaps carried away on a truck and no telling how far they went.

November 12, 1931
Store Robber

Mr. B. C. Bourland's store near Van Buren was robbed of much of the merchandise on last Sunday night. The robbers entered through a window which they left open. The goods were taken from the boxes and it is thought carried off in a truck.

A store at Mantachie and one further up the road near Centerville were recently robbed, and the goods carried away.

Perhaps it would pay a merchant to sleep in his store or fix some way to do away with robbing. It is bad enough to sell goods on a credit and fail to get pay for all the goods, but when they just go in and carry goods off a merchant can't last long.

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