Friday, March 12, 2010

John Dulaney of Baldwyn

Dulaney family plot
Baldwyn Masonic Cemetery

John Dulaney was one of the three original Dulaney brothers who came to Itawamba County in the early 1830's. He, along with brothers Alfred and Gilbert, were among the first settlers in the county. Surveyor field notes indicate a settlement by John Dulany in northeastern Itawamba County in during the 1833 survey, however, sometime between 1860 and 1870, John moved from this area and settled near Baldwyn in present-day Lee County, although it was probably still Itawamba County at the time of his move. No one seems to know why he moved away.

Don Dulaney has been digging in the courthouse in Lee County and discovered several land records for John Dulaney. Maybe once all of the land records have been collected and analyzed, we can come up with a theory about John's move. It appears that John owned land all around the town of Baldwyn, but the most likely spot for the Dulaney homeplace is an area just south of Baldwyn. John deeded an interest in 160 acres to his son, John P. Dulaney, in 1878, and this acreage was located in Section 14, Township 7, Range 6, south of Baldwyn. A check of the topography map for this area indicates that it is located just east of Highway 45 , along the Okeelala and Campbelltown creeks, with excellent farm land. This spot has my vote for the John Dulaney homeplace.

In addition to the above described property, Don found other land records that show John Dulaney, along with his son James M. Dulaney and grandson Thomas A. "Bunt" Dulaney, owned land in Section 27, Township 7, Range 7 in Lee County. Section 27 borders Itawamba County and includes very good bottom land of Twenty-Mile Creek. It was odd to find that James M. and his son Thomas variously owned some of this land since they lived "across the river" in the Mt. Pleasant community in northeastern Itawamba County, but a look at the topography map shows this to be prime farming property too.

The picture with this post is of the Dulaney family burial plot at the Masonic Cemetery in Baldwyn. In addition to John and his second wife, Martha Patton Dulaney, there are graves here of John and Martha's sons, John P. and William A. Dulaney. The is one large tombstone in the middle of the plot with the name "Dulaney" across its top, but John P. Dulaney has the only gravemarker that has the surname spelled with an "e." Old John's gravemarker has him as "John Dulany."

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