Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glader and her Mommy

Glader Johnson Mills with her mother, Nora Thornton Johnson 

It was always odd to me to hear Mike's grandmother Glader refer to her mother as "Mommy" but that is what she called her.    Glader was widowed before her mother Nora; Henry Mills died in 1963 while Fisher Johnston died in 1971.   After Fisher's death, Glader moved into the home with her mother.   I have memories of visiting "Norie" in her home during the Christmas holidays.   There was a coal-burning fireplace in the front room which fascinated me.   Grandma Johnson had a low-seated, straight-back chair in which she sat with her feet crossed and encased in what she called her "ball shoes."  These shoes were high-top basketball shoes that she liked to wear, i.e. her "ball shoes."


Anonymous said...

How many of you noticed that G.grandma Johnson's dress and apron was made from the same fabric. I don't recall who I remember always having an apron to match the dress fabric, but our elderly people who lived on the farm - not really because I do believe the lady I'm remembering lived in Winfield, Alabama, put that apron on as a part of their apparel each morning, whether they were standing at the wash tub or making the vegetable garden, all the while keeping a keen eye on the invisible clock (the sun told their time while they were outside) so they rushed right back inside to start their mid day meal, regardless of the name affixed i.e. lunch or dinner.

Housewife duties wouldn't necessarily be identifed by how she was dressed if the apron matched her dress and I remember seeing the Methodist preacher call on my Granny Kate Robinson Stone many times at the busiest time of the day, but she had a knack and a long hallway from the kitchen to the front door and be quick of hand to get that apron off before she came into view of the front door as she traveled through the dining room!

I hope all of you have such fond memories of your grandmother's as I do - each were so different. bettye

Bettie Watts said...

I remember Miss Nora and Mr. Fish well. They were my Grandma Owens'neighbors up in Mud Creek Vicinity. It was so good to come across this photo and it brought back great memories of times gone by.