Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time Out

Sadly folks, I am going to have to take a break.  The last couple of weeks have been spent visiting family in Georgia and Tennessee, along with taking care of family matters, and the next few weeks will be spent doing much of the same as we welcome Mike's sister and her two little children, five and two, into our home.   Hopefully, I will have some time to blog every now and then, and I look forward to getting back to it full time.  Family is important, however, and should come first.   Be back later!


Febekah said...

Will miss you. See you and the fam soon, I hope!

Ken Dulaney said...

I hope all goes well and that you get some time to just "relax". You deserve it.

I apologize for not having kept up with your writings but I do promise to catch up so that when you return I will be well versed and much wiser for it.

Thank you for all the great information.