Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dee and Minnie Spearman, with daughter Lola

Here is another photograph supplied by Sue, great-granddaughter of James Lavert Spearman and Martha Lou Taylor.  

Pictured above are Dee Spearman and his wife, Minnie Brown Spearman, and their daughter Lola Ann Spearman who was born in 1911.    Dee was the son of Jim and Martha Spearman while Minnie was the daughter of John Wills Brown and Josephine Hardwick Brown.  Dee and Minnie moved to Florida before 1920, and they both died there in the 1960's. 

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what the embellishments on Minnie's dress are. I'm not sure if sequins were popular or if that might be nothing more than rick rack.

Dee's shoes look like he had been plowing new ground on a wet day! All dressed up, but his shoes don't fit the attire - then again, maybe he only had one pair. It reminds me of the situation our middle son, Rob found himself in when his older brother was married in San Antonio in 1976. Rob was a groomsman and they were all decked out in long tails - someone had failed to order him a pair of the rented shoes and being a college studtent, he drove over from Houston wearing his scuffed up boots. I don't remember if the decision of the bride and her mother was for him to wear his black socks and no shoes or to go ahead and wear the boots. Either choice wasn't proper for the fancy afternoon attire of the groomsmen! bettye