Friday, February 11, 2011

James Lavert and Mary Almeda Spearman

Pictured above are James Lavert "Jim" Spearman and his second wife, Mary Almeda Baldwin.  Jim was the son of William Harvard Spearman and Elizabeth Isabella Lochridge.  He was born in 1860 in Franklin County, Alabama and died in 1934 in Itawamba County.  

Behind Jim and "Meadie" is their store located in the Patton Flat community near Gum in Itawamba County. 

Jim's great-granddaughter, Sue, shared this photograph with me.  Sue's grandparents were Lee Alvin Spearman and Lee Etta Todd.   A few years ago Sue found the original receipts in his grandfather L. A. Spearman's billfold when he and his wife had purchased land from Thomas J. and Laura Jamerson Johnson in 1913 in Itawamba County.  The receipts had the original signatures of Thomas and Laura Johnson.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you love to know why James was outside the store with his "ledger" -confronting someone over a past due bill? Or, getting ready to let someone add on to his "charge account", payble when the crops come in? Back in those days, the proper wording would be to "put it on the books". bettye