Friday, May 13, 2011

Aunt Jo - Biscuit Queen

One of the most exciting events that happened while this blog was on hiatus was Aunt Jo's participation in McDonald's annual biscuit making competition.  Customers have long raved about Aunt Jo's biscuits at the local McDonald's in Fulton, and in March her biscuits competed against those of other biscuit-makers at the regional bake-off in Birmingham.  Aunt Jo's biscuits were among the best of those presented that day, and she became a local celebrity when news of the competition hit the newspapers in both Fulton and Tupelo.

Congratulations, Aunt Jo!   We know you make wonderful biscuits, and now everyone else does too.  And if you've ever had a piece of her caramel cake, well, you've tasted a bite of heaven!

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh! how I envy Aunt Jo. . . . My first and only "from scratch" biscuits were baked ca 1948/49 - that long! I had to cook a meal all on my own as the assignment in home economics. I can't tell you how long I stirred that dough, but my daddy recognized a "piece of concrete" when he saw one regradless of the size - I must admit they were about as heavy as concrete as well. Daddy picked up a biscuit and slid his chair back so he could spread his feet apart. I asked him why he did that and his reply was, "honey if I dropped one of those bisucits on my toe it would break the toe." Well, a crying daughter ran from the kitchen and never attempted another biscuit making in her life - thank goodness for the Little Doughboy. Daddy spent the next few years of his life apologizing for the hurt he caused that evening.
Aunt Jo, my hat is off to you young lady. Wish there was another trip to Itawamba County in me just to taste those biscuits. bettye