Monday, May 30, 2011

Jack & Margaret Kennedy Evans - Itasca Cemetery

Earlier I posted about John Thomas Emerson, grandson of Irvin Lafayette Kennedy, who is buried in Itasca Cemetery, Hill County, Texas.   John Thomas Emerson's aunt, Margaret Drucilla Kennedy, moved to Hill County, Texas with her husband, John Jasper "Jack" Evans.   Jack Evans was the son of Thomas Evans and Henrietta Clayton, Georgia natives who moved to Itawamba County around 1841, settling on land just south of Tremont.   William Evans, brother of Thomas, was my GGG grandfather.  

The graves of John J. and Margaret Kennedy Evans are marked with a single stone, pictured above, that appears of more recent origin.   "Jack" died in 1939, at the age of 90.  His death certificate indicates that he was born at Bexar, Alabama but all of his census records show Mississippi as his state of birth.  This inconsistency is not too unusual for residents of this area, and land records indicate that Jack's parents owned land in both Itawamba and Marion counties.   Margaret, as posted earlier, was the daughter of Irvin Lafayette Kennedy and Martha Selena Meshow.

Jack's father Thomas Evans moved to Hill County, Texas between 1878 and 1800, and died there around 1889.  It is not known where he is buried, whether on private land or perhaps in the Itasca Cemetery in an unmarked grave.  

Jack and Margaret had several children:  Elmer Ward Evans, Martha Lou (married S. W. Cansler), Irvin Lafayette Evans (gravemarker pictured below), Leonard Lewis Evans, (buried also at Itasca), B. N. Evans, Zula Evans (married Floyd Grant, buried Itasca Cemetery), and Johnnie Evans.

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Anonymous said...

Mona, if you recall your early history of AL & MS when it was just the Chickasaw Indian Nation, the area around Bexar, AL and Tremont (that is as close as I can attempt to place that invisible line!)and down to the Turon area was considered in Alabama until the re-alignment after Mississippi Territory gained statehood. I only have the information passed on to me that my maternal GGGgrandparents, the John A. Dyer family, thought they had moved from TN to Ala. ca 1830, and several of their children were born with Alabama listed as their birthplace until the last son, Andrew "Joe" Dyer was born in 1840 and is said to be born in MS. This land is where the Dyer Cemetery sits atop the hill just north of James Creek and my dear relative who surveyed this cemetery says it is 5.7 miles north of Smithville.

I believe the Sugg descendants I correspond with tell me that their ancestor's kiln for making jugs was somewhere along Jug Shop Road (is that right?)and also had a Bexar, AL listing. And it seems to me that John Cofield was still delivering mail down that far as late as the 1930's early 1940's. bettye