Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Abb Dulaney

This ad appeared in the Itawamba County News on January 10, 1946, but I don't know which Abb Dulaney the advertisement refers to.  Abb (or Ab) was a nickname for several Itawamba Dulaney men.  Alfred Elias "Ab" Dulaney was born in 1856 in Itawamba County, but he moved to Arkansas with his father when he was fourteen years old.   Alfred Elias was named for his grandfather, Alfred Dulaney, who was one of three Dulaney brothers who came to Itawamba County in the 1830s.    Another grandson of Alfred, Alfred G. Dulaney, was also known as "Ab" but he died in 1934 so I doubt the 1946 newspaper ad refers to his home.     Yet another grandson was named Joe Abb Dulaney, and it is most likely this "Abb" that the newspaper references.  Joe Abb Dulaney was the son of Joseph "Joe" Dulaney and Martha Ann Johnson.  He married Vonnie Senter, daughter of Thomas Alfred Senter and Rebecca Woodard.

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