Friday, October 12, 2012

A New Cousin

Tonight, over supper, I "discovered" a new cousin, one that I'm delighted to learn about, especially on the eve of the annual Sloan Family Reunion in the Peaceful Valley community of Itawamba County.

My great-grandmother, Dee Sloan Pennington, was the daughter of Jackson Samuel Sloan and Malissa Caroline Potts.  My "new" cousin is descended from Jackson's sister, Mary Sloan, and Malissa's brother, George W. Potts.  A double cousin from both the Potts and Sloan families!

Who is this special cousin?  Dorothy Carol Moore Dulaney, my husband's Aunt Dorothy who is married to Uncle Frank Dulaney.  Aunt Dot's mother was Allie Mae Dodson, granddaughter of George W. Potts and Mary Sloan.    Uncle Frank is visiting us this weekend while Dorothy is staying with her sister, and when Frank found out about the Sloan Reunion tomorrow he wondered if this was the same family of Sloans that Dorothy was kin to.... and it is!   Can't wait to talk to Dorothy about our common Itawamba Connections.
Unidentified "cousins" from a photograph provided at the 2010 Sloan Reunion


Ken Dulaney said...

Wow, cousins everywhere. Aunt Dot should be tickled with this post. Great job Mona.

Brandy Ludwig said...

I love each andevery story. Martha Sloan, Daughter of John Gainey Sloan is my great grandmother. I love learning about where shes from and her grandfathers.