Friday, July 17, 2009

Beck's corn

Looks like Beck had some mighty fine looking corn that summer. Notice that she wrote "this is my corn" on the Polaroid photo! (That peanut patch ain't too shabby looking either!) Earlier this week, I saw some corn crops that looked almost as good as Beck's. In our neck of the woods, we've had just a perfect combination of rain and hot days to make really pretty corn. After years of over-boiling and under-boiling corn on the cob, this summer I've given up on the boiling and have started cutting off the fresh kernels and cooking them with a little butter and salt in a cast iron skillet. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cook Lady! Since you are younger than two of my sons, I can say this: You're never too Young nor too Old to learn as in "teach an ol' dog a new trick. . . ."

Since I have always cooked frozen corn on the cob in the microwave, I taught myself how to cook (without over cooking) fresh corn on the cob by adjusting the suggested time for frozen corn in the microwave by cooking the fresh for 1/2 the time of cooking for frozen corn.

I wanted to learn more about microwave cooking than what the small cookbook gave and did buy at a book store oh so many years ago!, "The General Electric Microwave Guide & Cookbook" published in 1978. It has served me well through the several microwaves I have replaced!

This excellent book says for fresh corn on the cob: for 1 to 5 ears: "in 2 or 3 qt casserole place corn, if corn is in husk, use no water; if corn has been husked, add 1/4 cup water. Cover. If ears are stacked in casserole rearrange after half of time." Cook 3 to 4 minutes per ear on high. This book says the freshest flavor will stay in the corn if cooked in the husk.

My mother-in-law roasted her corn on the cob on an outdoor grill with the husk remaining by dipping in a bucket of water before placing on the grill and this prevents the husk from burning. She kept rotating the ears frequently so as to cook all sides of the roasting ear. bettye

Anonymous said...

That really is a beautiful picture.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bettye, I had the same cookbook! But since I can't put my hands on it (not with my other cookbooks) then I probably sold it at a moving sale. My mother cooks her corn on the cob in the microwave too. I may have to try it someday but right now we are enjoying the skillet corn. We've tried grilling fresh corn but seems we just never get it right.

Anonymous said...

Nice image , some one is there..,.,.,

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Anonymous said...

I thought ALL SOUTHERN COOKS called your skillet corn "Fried Corn"! I think of it as creamed corn myself, that is if the cook has scraped the cob of all the "milk". My mother used some of that "no no" stuff called bacon drippings in her cast iron skillet when cooking the corn "off the cob". Oh, to find some corn fresh enough to cook it this way! Grocery store corn has passed through too many hands to be really tasty - so enjoy what you get in your town. bettye