Saturday, July 4, 2009

Uncle Sam is one year older.

Itawamba County News
July 9, 1908
The Glorious Fourth

Fulton was very quiet on the Fourth. All the business houses were closed most of the day, and most of the people were gone. Quite a number took their dinner and went to the lake in the bottom in search of fish, and had a very pleasant day.

So far as we have heard the day passed off reasonably quiet throughout the county. But when any day passes off without the moral quietude that should be supreme to all else any day of the year signifies that some one has failed to do his duty. May we all live to see many more Fourths, and may each impress on our minds that by the shedding of the life blood of many of our forefathers, Uncle Sam is one year older.


Janice Tracy said...

Neat post, Mona. I love reading old newspaper articles.

Arvel said...

Well I seen Miss Mona and nem down in the Valley. Right sporty little 4th ... Betty Jean had some fine catfish, Jo Ann baked some dee-lightful cakes, Tootsie brought some tasty fixin's and Bobby Gene and Vivian, fresh from Georgia, were a sight for sore eyes. And visited with other assorted cousins and kin and even did some bee hivin' with Steve and Pat.

Kirk Robinson said...

Yep, Arvel. Just gitting 'er dun, ol' country style gathering.