Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Vehicle

The first vehicle that Fessie and Beck bought for their family was an old red Dodge truck, pictured above. They bought it following Fessie's return from World War II. Although Beck could drive the flatbed truck, she was not the most confident driver. Once, as Dr. Tubb of Smithville was speeding along the gravel road, probably on the way to a house call, Beck ran his car off the road when she nervously met him in her red Dodge truck! Driving on wooden plank bridges across the old Tombigbee River was also an adventure. Occasionally the red truck would stall out going through the flooded river bottom on the way to or from Beck's parents who lived on the other side of the river at Tilden.

Wonder what the gas mileage was for that old truck?

Momma, tell me the name of the dog that is peering out of the window. Bootsie?


Ma Jean said...

Yep, that's Bootsie. One of my favorites. She was given to us by daddy's brother Gaylord' who had a litter of crocker Spaniels. By the way, that old red dodge was another love of my life. We were really proud of that truck. It hauled a lot of cotton, hay and livestock.

Anonymous said...

oh its very old one...

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