Monday, September 7, 2009

Fair Days

The county fair used to be a big event in Itawamba County every fall. I don't know when the fair began in our county, but I do remember that even into the 1970s it was still a big deal with blue ribbons given out to homemakers with the best looking jar of pickles, best squash, best canned tomatoes etc. Of course, the main draw was the carnival rides, and during election years, there were always candidates with push cards.

The above illustration was found in the September 3, 1925 edition of the Itawamba County News. The county was gearing up for the fair to be held later that month, and entries were being solicited for items in various categories, including Best Ten Ears of Corn, Best Cotton Exhibit, Best Cornmeal Muffins, Best Jar of Peaches, Best Brood Sow and Litter of any Breed, Best Jersey Cow, etc. This is probably what prompted the above cartoon labeled "Ma's Nightmare."

In addition to the prize exhibits, there was to be a demonstration of tractor plowing. Remember that most farmers were still using mules for plowing in 1925, and tractors were an unaffordable novelty for most of Itawamba's farmer. A tractor demonstration was sure to draw a big crowd.

The article that accompanied the illustration said "We are an agricultural people and are proud of our county. Why not make it better."

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