Sunday, May 30, 2010

Evans-Dunn families

The trip to Georgia didn't really turn up any new information on the Evans and Dunn families. Of course, only a small bit of time was devoted to searching for information on these families as the main point of the trip was research for the book on the Dulaney family. However, in researching the Dulaney family of Onslow County, North Carolina for a possible connection to Daniel Dulaney of Pendleton District, South Carolina, I came across some familiar looking names.

When Henry Dunn died in Hancock County in 1799, John Hix (sic) was appointed administrator of his estate. Probate records indicate that following a sale of Henry's personal property, accounts (debts) were paid to "Hinchier Lary" and "Danby Lary". The Onslow, North Carolina records contain a deed dated 1778 to "Darby Lary" that was witnessed by "John Hicks". There is also a 1786 record of a Henry Dunn purchasing 170 acres on the southwest branch of New River in Onslow County, and in 1798 Henry Dunn apparently sells the same 170 acres, probably in anticipation of the move to Georgia. Whether this is "my" Henry Dunn or not, I don't know right now but I am encouraged, especially since the same names - John Hicks and Darby Lary - show up in both Onslow County and in Hancock County in Henry Dunn's estate records.

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