Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sawmilling in Itawamba County

Mrs. Mary Alice Welch Bowen shared this photograph of several men at a sawmilling operation who stopped long enough to have their picture snapped. Mrs. Bowen's father, Jesse Ellis Welch, is among those pictured but unfortunately with her eyesight she couldn't identify him to me.

Jesse Ellis Welch was the son of William Thomas Welch and Mollie Sanford, Fayette County, Alabama residents who moved to Tilden in Itawamba County around 1900. Ellis Welch married Annie Estelle McFadden and had five daughters and one son.

Mrs. Mary Bowen lives on Bowen Road in Itawamba County, doing quite well for her age, and is a delight to visit. She was married to Erie Young Bowen, son of Henderson Roberts Bowen. Erie was the nephew of my great-great grandmother Martha A. Bowen Clayton.

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