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W.D.D. Bowen of Mt. Pisgah

Fulton News Beacon

July 2, 1931

Mr. W. D. D. Bowen, who lived for many years near Pisgah church, died at Amory first of the week, and his body was brought to Pisgah Monday and buried beside relatives who had preceded him. Mr. Bowen will be remembered by many people because he could not walk but used a chair which he propelled with his hands and arms. Rev. G. A. Senter conducted the funeral services.

* * *

W.D.D. Bowen was the son of W.D.S. Bowen and Mary D. Collins. My notes indicate that he was not married. His uncle, John Henderson Bowen, was my great-great-grandfather. W.D.D. Bowen's tombstone only gives his initials, but his full name, as given in the will of this father, was William David Dulaney Bowen. His father was William Darden S. Bowen (don't know what the "S" stood for his in name) who was born in 1825 in Virginia. W.D.D. was his youngest child, born in 1871 when his father was 46 years old.

Where did the middle name of "Dulaney" come from? W.D.D. Bowen's cousin, Nancy Victoria Bowen, who was the daughter of John Henderson Bowen, married Alfred Elias Dulaney. There must have been some high regard for this Dulaney, son of Rev. Thomas Dulaney and Eliza Minerva Horn, who moved from Itawamba County to Sevier County, Arkansas. Long-time researcher, Mildred Dulaney, indicated that Alfred - who went by "Ab" - moved to Arkansas with his father when he was fourteen years old. He came back to Itawamba County, married Victoria Bowen and returned to Arkansas where they made their family. Ab and Victoria were nearly twenty years older than W.D.D. Bowen.

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