Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clayton marriages: father and son

Here are a couple of Clayton marriages from Itawamba newspapers.   My friend and cousin, Don Clayton, enjoys old newspapers as much as I do, and these are clippings of his parents and grandparents' wedding announcements.  The first news clipping comes from the Itawamba County News and announces the marriage of Shellie Lee Webb to John Allen Clayton, youngest son of Nathaniel M. Clayton and Martha A. Bowen.  The next image is from the Fulton News Beacon and announces the marriage of the oldest son of Allen and Shellie Lee, Howard Hayes Clayton to Pauline Smith, daughter of Locke Smith and Mable Perry. 

April 11, 1912
Clay News
About 3 o'clock Sunday P.M. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Webb was graced with the marriage of their daughter Miss Shellie Lee to Mr. Allen Clayton.  We wish for them both a happy life.

May 21, 1942 issue

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