Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Generations of Moxleys

Renee Hillis recently shared this photograph of four generations of Moxleys.  The two younger boys in the middle are brothers Owen William Moxley, Jr.(left) and Henry Austin Moxley (right).  Their father is Owen William Moxley, Sr., left, and the man holding Henry Austin Moxley in his lap is their grandfather, Henry Minus Moxley.   The older gentleman seated far right is Thomas Austin Moxley, the father of Henry Minus Moxley and the son of Henry T. Moxley and Martha Arminta Sibley.

Thomas Austin Moxley was born March 23, 1872 in Franklin County, Alabama, and married Martha Jane Dulaney, daughter of John T. Dulaney and Mary Guess.    Although T.A. and Martha Jane lived in Itawamba County most of their lives, their son Henry Minus Moxley moved to Louisiana where several Moxley descendants live today.  

Many thanks to Renee for sharing the photograph.  Her grandparents were Henry Minus Moxley and Georgia Lauderdale.


LPM said...

Awww....I was hoping to see a picture of the birthday boy! Give him belated Happy Birthday wishes for me!

Marilyn Moxley Webster said...

This is great, i have no pics or info of moxleys, a cousin told me about this site and i find this first thing. TA is my grandpa Marvins dad. Marvins brother, Ervin is still alive, at 98 i might add, i plan on meeting with him and hopefully getting more info and maybe pics, ill post when i get them. Thanks so much for posting, really means alot. Marilyn Moxley Webster, Birmingham, AL