Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mavis Maxine Pennington Roberts

In loving memory....
Mavis Maxine Pennington Roberts
daughter of William Hugh Pennington
& Ethel Dee Sloan

born November 17, 1923

married to James Phillip Roberts

died January 24, 2011

Aunt Maxine sneaked out on us last night when she passed away peacefully at the age of 87.  She had been in poor health for several years but it seemed that each time we thought her time had come, she rallied and lived on.  Last night however she sneaked out on us even after the doctors indicated she was improving enough to be discharged home.  She did it her way, as always.   

Before leaving, she enjoyed a Saturday evening in her hospital room with little sister Tootsie.  It was a game of wits, and the big sister won this last time.  Tootsie tried her best to convince Mac to swallow her pills, to leave her IV alone, leave her gown alone, allow the respiratory therapists to do their job, get her to eat etc.   The nurses thought Maxine was sweet, very cooperative, but as soon as they left the room, Maxine would cut her eyes at Tootsie as if to say 'you won't get off this easy.'  And the game was on.   Finally, around 2 o'clock Maxine closed her eyes as if asleep.  Tootsie relaxed and fell asleep but jerked awake quickly just a few minutes later when the nurse walked in and found Maxine with her IV out, gown up, blood everywhere, but with a sly, satisfied smile on her face.  It was the battle of the sisters one last time.  Maxine won.  Tootsie lost.  

Visitation is Wednesday night at Senter Funeral Home in Fulton, and funeral services will be held Thursday at 11 o'clock.  Burial will be in the Hillcrest Masonic Cemetery.

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Anonymous said...

Sympathy to the family; Hooray for Maxine! She knew it was her time to go and no one would assist her, so she did it her way. With a smile on her face, she prepared to meet with those who went ahead and prepared the way for her. What a welcoming party she must have flown on to leaving her cares and worldly problems behind.

Celebrate her life and not your loss. bettye