Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coleen Cummings Robinson, 1914-2011

       While this blog was on hiatus this spring, we lost a special member of the Robinson-Cummings family.  Aunt Coleen Robinson died March 20, 2011 at the age of 97.    She was born Coleen Tamsie Cummings on January 21, 1914 in the Ratliff community of Itawamba County to Walter C. and Tamsie Mitchell Cummings.  As a young girl, she moved with her family to Clay County where her father owned and operated a saw mill near Old Waverly on the Tombigbee River.  The Great Depression caused the saw mill to shut down, and the Cummings family moved back to Itawamba County to the house that Walter Cummings had originally built for his family in 1924.  

When Uncle Buddy and Aunt Coleen moved back to Fulton around 1990, they undertook a renovation of the old Cummings home, modernizing it yet retaining its original look and feel.  Located on Sandlin Road in Fulton, the house is still standing today, still owned and occupied by Cummings descendants.  

One of Aunt Coleen's lillies
After her family and church (she was the oldest member of Trinity Baptist Church), Aunt Coleen most loved her flowers, especially lillies of all kinds although she loved pretty much any type of flower or plant.   She gardened up until 2009 when her failing health, at age 95, prevented her from getting around.  It was with much reluctance and regret that Aunt Coleen gave up her hoe and gardening gloves.   Today, the daylilies that Aunt Collen so lovingly planted and tended are in full bloom and are deserving of a drive-by in remembrance of her the next time I am in Fulton.

Aunt Coleen was very proud of her heritage, and I am so appreciative and thankful that this special woman shared her love of family with me.

2009:  Some of Aunt Coleen's lillies next to her house

2009:  Aunt Coleen, center, with her nieces Lucy & Sue Robinson

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Anonymous said...

Love and memories last forever. Let us hope that someone will care for your Aunt Coleen's flowers that will keep her memory alive for years to come as everyone passes by her place. I'm into container gardening and my lilies aren't quiet ready to bloom. bettye