Monday, June 20, 2011

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church and Cemetery

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church is located on Mt. Pisgah Road, just off Nita Lake Road and close to Clay-Tilden Road in eastern Itawamba County.    You can't see the cemetery from the road, but it is located behind the church.  It is a small cemetery; a few graves are marked with only stones, and the other graves belong primarily to Bowen, Bookout and Lyle families.   I took the above photographs about eighteen months ago.

Be aware that there are two Mt. Pisgah churches in Itawamba County.  The other church is located north of Mantachie in western Itawamba County.

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Susan Cummings Moss said...

My gr-grandmother Rhoda Roberts is buried in the Old Mt Pisgah Cemetery located just west of Nita Lake. You have to cross the Nita Lake Dam and follow the road around the lake to the other side. The cemetery is just off the left side of the road past the houses.
Susan Cummings Moss