Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fulton Grammar School 1963-1964

I do believe that there are some familiar faces in this classroom. Although I didn't move back to Fulton until the middle of the 8th grade, some of these "baby" faces look familiar... Leslie Ann Christian, Pam Nanney, Steve Ramey, Jimmie Nell Davis .... how many others can you recognize?

If you think these sweet little schoolchildren have "baby" faces, look at the photograph below of their teacher, Miss Lillian Scott, when she was a baby when in 1919!   And no, I don't know which baby is Lillian and which one is her twin sister, Trillian.  Both were beloved schoolteachers in Itawamba County.  Their mother, Bettie, was a sister to Mike's Great-Grandpa Fisher Johnson.

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Melissa Moore Gaddy said...

Fulton Grammer School
Row 1: Billy Copeland, Janelle Jamerson, Lisa Martin, Anita Spencer, ?.
Row 2: Jimmie Nell Davis, Leslie Christian, Joyce Johnson, ?, ?.
Row 3: Trent Bennett, ?, Rhonda Rankin, ?, Melissa Moore, ?.
Row 4: Steve Ramey, Pam Nanney, Jeff Senter, Nita Robinson, Benny Jones,Liz ?.
Row 5: ?, ?, Ann Johnson, Doug Johnson, ?.