Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Treasures shared by a Cousin

My mother and I recently visited with Marilyn Dickson, a cousin on the Bowen side of the family.   Marilyn was kind enough to welcome into her home a couple of complete strangers that she had met over the internet, and then she proceeded to share information and stories with us.  We are most blessed to have such a cousin, and hope to return the favor one day soon.

Marilyn is descended from William Bowen and Rebecca Wesson, while my mother and I descend from William and his first wife, Martha Overby.  Marilyn, and her cousin, Mary Spivey, have been very generous in the sharing of their research and collection of old photographs of the Bowen family.

During our visit with Marilyn, she disappeared into another room and brought out this beautiful dough bowl that was handmade by William Bowen for Rebecca, his common-law wife.    Pictured left is my mother, holding the bowl crafted by her GGG grandfather.   Marilyn said that through the many years of use a hole had been worn in the bottom of the dough bowl, and her father attempted to repair the hole by adding a new piece of wood. 
Marilyn's great-grandmother, Mary Bowen Brown, who was the daughter of William and Rebecca, purchased the dough bowl at the 1890 estate sale of Rebecca Wesson Bowen.   She paid 30 cents for "1 Bread Tray & Sifter" at the sale held November 1890.


Marilyn also showed us framed pieces from a coverlet and quilt hand made by Mary Bowen Brown.   Mary spun the thread and wove the coverlet, and also made the quilt by hand.

Thank you, Marilyn, for your wonderful hospitality.  I hope we get to meet again sometime this fall for another visit.

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