Friday, September 9, 2011

The Potter's Wheel - Folk Tales of the Bigbee Valley

Earlier this year, a group of committed Itawambians formed The Potter's Wheel, an organization focused on collecting and telling the story of our county's history, culture and folklore.   The name was chosen because of Itawamba's heritage of being at one time one of the largest producers of pottery such as churns and jugs.  Plans are in the works to interview old-timers and others in our county to gather information and tales about growing up in Itawamba County as well as stories that may have been passed down from earlier generations.  Eventually these collected stories will be turned into a drama production that will include songs and dance.

As a fund-raiser, The Potter's Wheel is sponsoring a "variety show" at the Old Fulton Grammar School this Saturday evening at 6 p.m, "The Potter's Wheel Celebrates the Arts."   Admission is $7 at the door, $5 for pre-purchased ticket - quite a bargain, in my opinion.  Discounted student tickets are available, and preschoolers are admitted free.  This show will exhibit artwork from Itawamba-connected artists, including paintings and pottery, as well as musical entertainment.    From 6 until 7, there will be a reception whereby attendees may browse the artwork and mingle. Some of the art will be available for sale, with proceeds donated to The Potter's Wheel.   At 7 p.m., patrons will move into the auditorium where they will be entertained by several musical acts and even a comedy troupe.

Please come out and support this wonderful project.   Donations are tax deductible to the non-profit organization if made through the CREATE Foundation.   You can read more about the group and the Saturday show at the Potter's Wheel website.

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