Friday, October 31, 2008

Dinner on the Grounds

Writing about Enon made me hungry. And that made me think of the photo. This picture was taken in the early 1960s, probably around 1961 or 1962, well before the lunchroom was added on to Enon Primitive Baptist Church. And well before the indoor plumbing (toilets), I might add.
This photo was taken by my father and was originally a slide. I've recently undertaken a project of converting all of his slides to digital images.

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Bob Franks said...

Mona, that photograph is a classic and brought back so many wonderful memories of my childhood in Itawamba County. Those old-time dinners on the ground were certainly an event not to be missed. I remember the church dinners started out with preaching, then the bountiful meal furnished by some of the best country cooks around, spread out on tables at noon, and then singing during the afternoon. Thanks for that trip down memory lane.