Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last one, I promise

This will be the last post on my family's connection to Bean Cemetery. Promise. So to recap, there is the connection that the cemetery has to Enon Church, to the Wardlaw family buried there, and to the Loyd markers in the cemetery. There's one more.

Buried in Bean Cemetery is S. L. English and his wife, Hannah. Mr. English was the previous owner to the property which is now owned by my family. This property is located in Peaceful Valley along the old Tombigbee River and was purchased from Samuel L. English by my GG Grandfather Jackson Samuel Sloan. English Branch is a now-small creek that runs through the property, obviously named for the English family that settled there in the early days of Itawamba County.

Above is a picture of S. L. English's tombstone. I don't think he attended church at Enon as his name has not been found in the church minutes, but I've seen Hannah English's name listed as a member at Unity Presbyterian Church over near Richmond. That's quite a ways from Peaceful Valley. Oh, and the marker is broken. It is being held up courtesy of Stephen Wardlaw.


frottoir said...

Hopefully, I figured out how to respond to your blog site. Your Mother shared it with us at our Neighbors Together meeting yesterday. After I settled down last night, I visited it. Really enjoyed my visit. I do not have a "good picture" of Son Webb's old store, but called one of his daughters and she said she would be glad to share one, if she could find one or get you in touch with Louise, the baby girl, who had pictures. Hope this goes through. Thank you for your site.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thanks, frottoir, for taking the time to comment and I look forward to seeing any photos of Son Webb's store that you can scare up. Country stores like this one are no more, and it would be wonderful to have a collection of photos of the ones that existed in Itawamba County.