Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bean Cemetery

This large old tree anchors Bean Cemetery in southern Itawamba County. Although I have no direct ancestors buried in this cemetery, my family is tied to it in so many different ways. Most of the people buried here were members of Enon Primitive Baptist Church. In fact, the cemetery is also known as Old Enon Cemetery due to the fact that the church was originally located here. My mother's people are long-time Primitive Baptists, and although they were not founding members of Enon, they've shared their bench time with Wardlaws, Beans, Thompsons and others over the years, names found on most of the gravestones in this cemetery.
Today there are pine seedlings throughout the cemetery, but once upon a time - like many other cemeteries - it was kept without a blade of grass among the graves.
Getting to this cemetery was an adventure a couple of Sundays ago. More later about that afternoon.

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