Friday, January 16, 2009

Class of 1927 - Tremont High School

There are only two people in this photo that can be positively identified. My grandfather, Luke Robinson, is pictured on the back row, far left. His future sister-in-law, Pauline Cofield, is on the front row, center. In addition, I believe that my grandfather's younger brother, Louis Robinson, is pictured on the back row. The fellow on the far right looks like Louis who was 2.5 years younger than Luke.

This is the 1927 graduating class at Tremont High School, and if anyone can identify the other graduates in this class I would be grateful. You can't go by age alone to identify those pictured in the photo. My grandfather, born in 1906, was three years older than Aunt Pauline, but apparently he re-entered high school after a short break. Based on a conversation with fellow Itawambian and Tremont native, Ross Robison, who now lives in Hernando, the "consolidated" high school at Tremont was a recent addition in the 1920s. Several students, including some of Ross's brothers, finished high school after the new school was completed and the students could go beyond the 8th grade. I suspect this is what happened to my grandfather.

The photo was in my grandparents' possession. I don't know who wrote "Seniors 27" on the border.

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