Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dora Vera Randolph m Ellie Hood

This is one occasion where my husband's paternal family married into his maternal family. Let's make this a bit more complicated, shall we?

Dora Vera Randolph was my husband's half-first cousin, twice removed, on his father's side.

Ellie H. Hood was my husband's great-grand uncle, on his mother's side.

Now before you think I'm a mathematical whiz (or just plain crazy), let me tell you that my family tree software does the calculations for me. Sometimes it can be a fun tool to use, like with this situation.

Anyway, Ellie Hood married Dora Randolph. Ellie was the son of Harrison H. Hood and Lydia Minyard. Dora was the daughter of Jefferson Davis Randolph and Katherine Sherrill. Jefferson's father was Henry Randolph, of recent blog posts. It is just speculation on my part, but I believe that Mike's Aunt Vera Mae may have been named for Vera Randolph, who was Vera Mae's father's first cousin.

Okay, now that's enough confusion for everyone. Let's get to the photograph.

Far left is Henry Moses Randolph, Dora's brother, who was born about 1910. All I know about Henry Moses is that he was living in Corinth in 1946, the location given in his brother Elvin's obituary that year. Next to Henry is his brother-in-law Ellie Hood and his sister Dora Randolph Hood. The two tots are not known but are most likely Ellie and Dora's children. The woman to the far right is Ellie's mother, Lydia Minyard Hood, who was the daughter of Thomas and Martha Minyard.

Ellie died in 1975, and Dora died in 1999. Both are buried in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery outside of Fulton.


Don Dulaney said...

I LOVE IT!! Lol. This is truley an awesome pic. I cant believe you put all that together. I wonder what kind of car that is?

Mona Robinson Mills said...

It just dawned on me! I forgot to give you a hat tip for the photo! Did Mrs. Miles provide you with it?

Don Dulaney said...

Yes. No more hat tips for me. The people that are glad to share there time and memories with me deserve the credit. Pass the tip to Mrs. Miles.