Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ma and Pa Davis with children

Jim and Queenie Davis, rear middle, with children, left to right:
Clyde, Ruth, Rebecca, Lizzie Lee, and Elby. Woodrow is not pictured.

James Kelly "Jim" Davis and Queenie Victoria Clayton were married January 22, 1903. Jim, the son of James William Anderson Davis and Anna Elizabeth "Annalizer" Morrow, was twenty years old when he married Queenie, the daughter of Nathaniel Clayton and Martha A. Bowen.

Jim and Queenie lived in several locations, including the town of Fulton, but in later years they owned a home just below Beans Ferry. In addition to the children listed below there was a son, Gaither, who died as an infant.

The photo above was likely taken on a Sunday afternoon when the Davis clan would gather for dinner after church.

1920 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 5
James K. Davis (transcribed as Farris) 36 MS MS MS farmer, rents
Queeny V. 36 MS NC SC
William E. 12 MS (William Elby)
Baby R. 11 MS (Baby Ruth)
Clide 9 MS
Woodroe 6 MS
Rebecca 3 MS
Lizzie L. 2 MS


LPM said...

These names are priceless, especially the women.

Kirk said...

How you study and provide all this information, just amazes me.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Lisa, we Itawambians are not short on creativity or resourcefulness when it comes to names. In mine and Mike's family alone, we have Arthusa, Queenie, Glader, Onady, Elbenny and Fessie - and those are just direct grandparents, don't get me started on collateral lines.