Monday, January 12, 2009

Wedding Shower, 1955

Shirley Joyce Dulaney, pictured center, at her wedding shower in 1955. On Shirley's right is her mother, Pearl Dulaney, and on her left is her future mother-in-law, Glader Mae Mills. Shirley wed Paul Mills on July 10, 1955.

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racheld said...

AHHH, the footed, cut-glass punchbowl and the "Individual Iced Cakes," before we learned to say "petit four."

Ladies in corsages and bright-for-the-camera poses, with just a teensy bit of trepidation on all three faces.

And I'll bet if we looked closely enough, there's a paper doily or two beneath some of the party goodies.

I've been to many a one of those gatherings, and have a drawerful of white gloves to prove it.