Friday, March 13, 2009

A bit further south than usual

I had forgotten about the photograph of this house, but I quickly recalled it when I passed by the house pictured in the photo this past Saturday. It was the curly-que porch brackets and the skinny columns that caught my attention.

The photograph, which was in Grandma Mills' photo album when she died, appears to have been taken in the 1940s. Grandma is Glader Mills, the daughter of Fisher and Nora Johnson, and when I showed the photo to some of Fisher and Nora's grandchildren, they recognized the house as being located across from the small grocery store near the Ironwood Bluff bridge. I knew exactly which house they were talking about.

Pictured in front of the house is Glader's sister, Dorothy, who was married to Lawrence Taylor. The boys in the photo are their sons. The Taylors, along with the Johnsons, were families that lived in the Ryans Well community of Itawamba County. Dorothy and Lawrence were a bit further south than usual when they lived in this house across from Son Webb's grocery in Peaceful Valley.


Lindsay B said...

Hi, Mona!

This is a great photograph.

Enjoying your blog!

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thanks, Lindsay!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

A great photograph. Look at the car peeking out from the side of the house! And the old barn behind the car. The boys are precious. And I love the curly-cues. Just love this picture.