Monday, March 16, 2009

Loice Britton Dulaney

If I were to ask you if you remember Loice Britton Dulaney, you would likely say "who?" But mention Doc Dulaney, and it is a different matter altogether. Whether from the grocery store that he operated, or from the schoolhouse or basketball court, or from church at East Fulton Baptist Church, most people knew Doc Dulaney. My introduction to Doc, excuse me - Mr. Dulaney - was in the eighth grade math class at Fulton Junior High School after we moved from Greenville to Fulton in December 1969. I quickly learned that the paddle he kept in his desk drawer was not just for looks although let me hasten to add that I never was on the receiving end of it. Doc kept strict order in his classroom, but he had his lighter moments too. I can picture him with a twinkle in his eye and a smile creasing his eyes. His expession in the above photo is one I remember well.

Loice Britton Dulaney was born March 1, 1913. He was the son of Joe Abb Dulaney and Vonnie Senter and a direct descendant of early Itawamba settlers Alfred Dulaney and Rachel McNiece as well as Alfred Aven Senter and Elizabeth Sharp. When Loice was a little boy, he contracted polio, and the doctor who treated him nicknamed him "Doc," telling him that he would grow up to be a doctor one day. The nickname stuck.

Doc married Flossie Elizabeth Riley, the daughter of Clifford Riley and Dellie Gillentine of Peppertown, and they had two children: Prebble Jean and Doice Wade. Although Doc died in 1975, Flossie is still living. Doice is keeping the family tradition going by operating Dulaney's Grocery, an Itawamba landmark at the intersection of Highway 25 and Old Highway 78.

The photograph is of a young basketball team coached by Doc Dulaney at Clay. See the "C" on the uniforms? If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can read the names listed at the bottom of the young boys. A young Lowell Dulaney is pictured on the bottom row, second from the right, and it was his daughter-in-law who provided the photo. Thanks, Toni, for sharing!

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What a great post! I honestly did not know of this photo. How did that happen?

Well, I appreciate your writings and thank you for the great information. It was a joy to read.