Monday, March 30, 2009

Jerome and Erah Wilemon family

The Wilemon and Dulaney families both lived in northeastern Itawamba County, often within shouting distance of each other, and needless to say, several marriages took place between the families. Pictured below is the family of Jerome Wilemon and Erah Beasley. Jerome was the son of George Wilemon and Sibbie Dulaney. He was born in 1870 in Arkansas during the brief period of time that his family lived there. Erah, who was born in 1872 in Itawamba County, was the daughter of David Beasley and Elizabeth Sewell. You may remember an earlier post about David.

Jerome and Erah had nine children, but only eight are pictured below. The youngest child, George Earl Wilemon, apparently was not yet born when the photograph was taken. Based on the ages of the children, the photo dates about 1910 or so.

Front row: Floyd, Jerome, Jesse, Earnest, Erah, Esbie
Back row: Leonard, Edgar, Esker, Minnie

Jerome and Erah's children were:

1. Minnie Jane, b 1892, m Curtis Carpenter
2. D. Edgar, b 1894, m Vada Belle Shields
3. Romie Esker, b 1895, m Ophie Hood
4. James Leonard, b 1898, m Effie Mae Gann
5. Jesse V, b 1902, m Mary Opal Dulaney (daughter of T.A. "Bunt" Dulaney)
6. Esbie, b 1904, m Henry Wilson
7. Floyd, b 1907, m Vida Dulaney (daughter of James Henry Dulaney)
8. Earnest, b 1909, m Ruby Dulaney (daughter of James Lewis Dulaney)
9. George Earl, b 1912, m Ovilene Robinson (granddaughter of T.A. "Bunt" Dulaney)

Leonard's son, Romie Wilemon, provided the above photograph to Don Dulaney during a recent visit. Romie is pictured below with his wife, Dorothy, who also happens to be a Dulaney descendant. Dorothy is descended from Henry Davis Dulaney and Minnie Mae Whitehead. Itawambians are generous people, and folks like Romie and Dorothy have been very generous in sharing their time and memories with us. Nice people, indeed.

Romie and Dorothy Wilemon


Don Dulaney said...

Mona, Thank you for this post. I just want to say that in my visit around the county the kindness is overwelming. People have welcomed me in their homes and lives. I dare to say Mr. & Mrs Wilemon were the nicest because she made me a blackberry cobler. NOW thats SWEET!!!

Janice Tracy said...

What a wonderful picture and post!

Ken Dulaney said...

I continue to be amazed by your ability to piece together these puzzles. I love the photo's and appreciate your efforts. Thank you for continuing my education.

And Don, I expect you saved us all a portion of that cobler?