Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Itawamba Coon Hunters

These photographs provided by Terry Wilemon are a wonderful glimpse into a favorite pastime of Itawambians - coon hunting. Even I have been on a coon hunt or two in the hills of Itawamba County during my lifetime! Obviously, these men were pros as evidenced by the number of coon tails they have collected. Dewey Napoleon Johnson, who is Terry's uncle, is standing to the left in the top and bottom photos.


Anonymous said...

We have lived in our neighborhood since 1963 when Benbrook was a just a few thousand people and there was lots of open land along both sides of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River bottom where coon hunters could make it sound like "a war zone" some nights! These happenings ceased so slowly as new homes and the Golf course were built that somehow I had forgotten about listening to the roar of the hounds and an occassional gun shot fired that brought the wailing dogs up another notch. Quite frankly, I hadn't really thought about why we no longer hear the hounds around 10 p.m. news time! Thanks for rattling the "old memory cage" once again.

To all your family, fans and friends: Happy Thanksgiving and remember our troops where ever they are as you give your thanks for our many blessings. bettye

Anonymous said...

I remember the "Coon on the Log" day back in the 1950's at a lake near Fulton. It was a big event.

Hatley still has a lot of coon hunters. I can hear the dogs just about any night. Some of the neighbor's dogs join in the chorus wishing they were there.