Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time for Another Fish Picture ...

.... this time from the Davis and Pierce families. Looks like it was a lucky day for fishing! Just look at those catfish! In the middle of this crowd of folks and fish is Lizzie Lee Davis Pierce, and she looks thrilled with the day's catch. Standing on the right is her husband, Yancy A. Pierce, and between Lizzie Lee and Yancy is Ethel Langley Davis, Lizzie Lee's sister-in-law who was married to Elby Davis. The couple on the left are Pierces, but I'm not sure of exactly who they are, possibly Yancy's brother and sister-in-law.

The photograph was undoubtedly taken by an Itawamba County Times photographer. It looks to me as if the fishermen drove up to the rear of the Times building in Fulton with intentions of getting their picture made. Notice the trunk of the car open in the background?

So many of Itawamba's citizens found their way over the years to the Times offices in downtown Fulton to have their picture taken with fish they caught, snakes they killed, cabbage they grew, and deer they killed. Such photographs really captured an era, and kudos belong to Delmus Harden and his staff at the Times who patiently took photographs of Itawambians with dead animals or monster vegetables and then published those photographs in the newspaper. I'd be willing to bet that every Itawamba family has one or two such photographs tucked away in drawers or closets.

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Kirk Robinson said...

Great article, Mona. If anyone was to really enjoy fishing, it would be Aunt Lizzie Lee!! She trully love it.