Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coster Johnson

What a cute little girl she was! Coster was the daughter of Napoleon A. "Poley" Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Lester. You may remember another Napoleon Johnson who was killed when he was drug by a mule (read about it here). Boney was the son of William Albert "Billy" Johnson and was named after his Uncle Poley.

Coster was born June 27, 1900 so it would appear that the photo below was made about 1903 or 1904. She was married to Everett Linwood Wilemon, and they had two children - Terry and Jerry Wilemon. Terry shared this photograph and others with Don Dulaney. Thanks, Terry!


Anonymous said...

Pretty child; wonder what they starched those infant dresses with to make them stand out like this? Surely there wasn't a crinoline under the dress!

Look carefully at the left side of the photo and you will see either the toe of a shoe or a hoof of a horse and if it is the latter, this child is standing too close to that hoof! bettyemally

Mona Robinson Mills said...

You are right, that does look like the toe of a shoe or boot to me. I bet "Momma" was standing close by in case baby girl stumbled and dirtied that pretty white dress.