Sunday, May 31, 2009

Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson - final chapter

You may remember reading about Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson who was killed by his runaway mule when his foot got caught in the mule's gear, dragging 'Bonie' to his death. The first post about the incident can be read here while a follow-up post appeared here that included a moving tribute written by Bonie's widow, Texie, about her husband (click on links). Recently, I was sorting through some photos and found yet another photograph. Below is the family of Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson at his grave in Pine Grove Church of Christ Cemetery.

From left to right:
Texie Wheeler Johnson with children Olema, Vonzie,
Hubert, Cloaciel, and Ruby.

Here is the family in the U.S. census for 1920 and 1930:

1920 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Clay precinct
Napoleon B. Johnson 30 MS MS MS farmer
Texas 29 MS MS MS
Olema 8 MS daughter
Ruby 6 MS daughter
Cloaciel 1 yr 10 mo MS daughter

1930 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat No. 5
Oakland and Fulton Road
Bonie Johnson 40 MS MS MS farmer, married 20 years
Taxie 40 MS MS MS
Olema 18 MS
Ruby 16 MS
Coacile 12 MS
Hubert 10 MS
Vonzie 4 MS

Bonie and Texie's daughter, Ruby, married Bonnie Burl Mills, my husband's great-uncle on his father's side. Bonie Johnson was a first cousin to James Nathan Johnson, my husband's great grandfather on his mother's side. Aunt Ruby (cousin Ruby?) is still living.

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