Monday, June 1, 2009

Vera Mae and Paul as children

Vera Mae Mills is probably two years old in this picture. That would indicate that the photograph was taken about 1939, and her brother Paul would have been about four years old. Paul is my husband's father; he died in 2005, but Aunt Vera Mae is still going strong. We went to visit her a couple of weeks ago in the hospital because we heard a rumor that she was sick, but when we arrived at her hospital room we found Vera Mae sparking with her beau and making plans to attend the Hank Williams, Jr. concert in Tupelo later this month. Vera Mae is a card-carrying member of Hank Jr.'s fan club, and of course, wouldn't dream of missing a concert held this close to home. If you happen to make it to the concert, tell Vera Mae hello for me.

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