Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walter Griffin 1892-1978

The little boy in the photograph below is Walter Griffin, husband to Sederia Johnson. Aunt Sederia provided this photo to my husband several years before her death (she was nearly 100 years old when she died in 1999, dying three months before her 100th birthday). The photograph was likely taken around 1900 when Walter would have been seven or eight years old.

Yesterday's post was a picture of Sallie Evans Griffin, my husband's great-great-great grandmother. Walter was her grandson, son of John Harvey Griffin and Mollie Sisk, and he married another relative of my husband's: Sederia Johnson, who was a sister to Fisher Johnson, my husband's great-grandfather. Fisher's wife, Nora Thornton, was Walter's first cousin. These families all lived in the Mud Creek area of northern Itawamba County, north of Ryans Well.

Here is a young Walter Griffin enumerated in his parents' household in the 1900 census:

1900 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Mud Creek precinct
John Griffin 40 MS MS MS born Sept 1859, married 19 years, farmer
Moley (Mollie) D. 35 MS TN TN born July 1864, 7 children, 7 living
Haraby 17 MS born March 1883 (Harrison)
Valentine 15 MS born June 1884
Maxey L. 12 MS born March 1888
Clifford 11 MS born May 1889
Walter 7 MS born Sept 1892
Clovis 5 MS born Feb 1895
Claudy 3 MS born May 1897

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