Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ellis Jury Pennington, 1898-1979

Uncle Jury was Fessie's uncle but he was more like a big brother, being just fourteen years older. Jury was raised by Fessie's father, William Hugh Pennington, after the death of their parents, Jim and Laura, of galloping pneumonia around 1903 or 1904. The 1910 census shows Jury and his brother Joseph living with Hugh and Dee Pennington. It wasn't long after that they two brothers were shamed into leaving Hugh and Dee's home when a relative pointed out that they were able-bodied young men who could support themselves. Jury and Joseph left in the middle of the night, without telling anyone, and went to Texas where some Pennington relatives lived. Hugh and Dee were sick with worry until word came back as to the whereabouts and safety of the brothers. Eventually, both Jury and Joseph came back to Itawamba County, at the urging of Hugh and Dee although Joseph later returned to Texas with his bride and made a home in Tarrant County. Jury, however, stayed in Itawamba County the rest of his life.

Ellis Jury Pennington was born May 18, 1898, the youngest child of James J. "Jim" Pennington and Laura Stewart. At the time, the family was living in southeastern Itawamba County, along the Monroe County line at Lost Corners. Likely, Uncle Jury was named for Yates Jury Conwill who was a neighbor as well as father-in-law to Jury's sister Eula.

In December 1919, Jury married Mary Elizabeth "Bess" Patterson and they raised eight children. Uncle Jury died October 7, 1979 and was buried at Bourland's Cemetery.

Jury and Bess made their home in the Cardsville community of Itawamba County, just up the road from Peaceful Valley. He often would drive his tractor to Fessie's house for a visit, and it was on one such occasion that the above photograph was taken.


bk said...

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Rebekah Sanders said...

Jury is my great grandfather. I googled him on a whim as we drove down to bury my grandmother , his daughter, Evelyn in Itawamba county.