Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look! An automobile!

In 1909, an automobile was an exciting thing to spot in Itawamba County. A rare occurrence indeed, so rare that the presence of an automobile in the county merited a special mention in the local newspaper, or sometimes two mentions. The May 12, 1910 edition of the Itawamba County News had the following blurb under the news for Cardsville, "An automobile passed Bean's Ferry Sunday afternoon en route from Tilden to Tupelo." In another section of the newspaper, the auto was mentioned again and gives us more information, "Three gentlemen from Tupelo came over in an automobile Sunday to Tilden, and were conveyed from there to Tremont to take part in an unveiling of the monument erected by the Woodmen of the World to the memory of J. B. Harbor. They returned Monday afternoon."

Below is the monument that was the reason for the automobile's visit. One thing is confusing, however. Why did the men travel from Tupelo to Tilden, and then get picked up and transported from Tilden to Tremont? Why Tilden? Why not cross the Tombigbee River at Fulton?

Jim B. Harbor's monument is located in Mt. Pleasant Methodist Cemetery east of Tremont. He was the son of Talmon Harbor and M. A. Lyle, and was married to Selina Elmira Stone, daughter of Carroll M. Stone and Moran Parthenia Robinson. Moran was a sister to my great-great grandfather George E. Robinson.

Obituary: James B. Harbor, son of Talman Harbor, ex-supervisor of the fourth district, died after a lingering illness, breathed his last Tuesday of this week, and his soul was wafted on spiritual wings to that endless rest so beautifully described in God's inspired word to sinful humanity. Deceased was a man of middle age and a member of the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, and his presence and influence for good will be missed in the community. He was buried Wenesday in the Mt. Pleasant ( Methodist ) Cemetery. His pastor, Bro. Devanport, conducted the services.

(taken from Itawamba Settlers, Summer 1988, page 106)


Janice Tracy said...

Great post, Mona! I always enjoy your articles, and I especially like seeing the variety of WOW monuments in Mississippi cemeteries.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thank you, Janice. The old newspapers that I read had many references to an unveiling of a Woodmen of the World monument somewhere in the county, seemed like a pretty big deal.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Mt. Pleasant many times, the last instance was 5 years ago, and have wandered through the headstones often looking for relatives but for the life of me I don't recall ever seeing this headstone.