Monday, June 8, 2009

Robinson Family Reunion - 19 years ago

Last time the Itawamba Robinsons got together for a reunion, it was 1990. Hard to believe that was nineteen years ago! I wasn't there, but I do recognize some familiar faces in the photographs below. The reunion was held at Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church just east of Tremont. The church cemetery at Mt. Pleasant contains the graves of John and Rachel Robinson and dozens of their descendants. Thanks to 'cousin' Cindi in Corinth for sharing these photos with me.

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Anonymous said...

Mona, I had always assumed that my grandmother, Kate Robinson Stone, and her sisters, Belle Crane and Luna McRae got their "genes" from their mother, "Sukey" Evans Robinson, but viewing all the other Robinson descendants leads me to think they all loved to eat. Hey!, I'm guilty of the same love affair with food. haha I am about an exact duplicate of my Granny Kate! - short and hefty!! No Diet Dr. Pepper for me! Besides, we have the only "pure cane sugar" soda factory in the country less than an hours drive from my house. . . .have you ever heard of "Dublin Dr. Pepper"? Originally created by a pharmacist in Waco, TX, the Dr. Pepper Museum is near the Baylor Campus along Interstate 35 where they house the drugstore soda fountain and serve a small cup of "the original" for visiting the museum. They will also treat you to a fountain D.P. at the Dublin location, about half way between Ft. Worth and Brownwood. My favorite treat from my teen age years? A bottle of Dr. Pepper and a bag (they were a nickel then!)of Planters peanuts. Yum yum....bettye