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Effie Anthem Dulaney

Itawamba County News
February 23, 1911

A Lovely Mother

On the 17th of February the death angel came and claimed our dear aunt, Effie Anthem Robinson, and took her away to that blessed home above. It seems sometimes that trouble is more than we can ever bear, but let us have that sweet consolation: "There is a day coming when we can meet our loved ones and say farewell to all trouble and sorrow." We know it is hard to bid farewell to loved ones who are going from us, but God knows that and we must submit.

She was born on the 25th day of May 1874. Maiden name was Dulaney, being the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dulaney. She was happily married to W. S. Robinson on the 15th day of October 1893, who died the 26th of May 1900, after the death of her husband she lived with her brother H. D. Dulaney until her death.

She professed a sweet hope in Jesus, and joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Mt. Pleasant the 18th day of October 1893 and lived a zealous and devoted member until death.

She leaves three little boys, Henry, Edd and Will, a good and precious mother, two brothers and four sisters and a host of relatives and friends to mourn for her. I believe that she was prepared to meet death, and while we are mourning the absence of dear aunt Effie, she is now numbered with the precious angels of "paradise."

None of us ever attain the height of perfection in this life, but this noble woman was ever so near the foot of the cross that there is not even a shadow of doubt in the minds of her many friends, but that she has entered that rest which awaits the people of God.

To the grief-stricken children we can only say, that she is living anew in the home that God has prepared for her. Live close to God and some bright day you will meet her where parting will be never.

She was buried in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Saturday evening, Bro. Benson conducting the services.

G. L. Dulaney

Pictured above:
Front: Ed Robinson, Effie Dulaney Robinson, Mary Jane Priddy Dulaney,
Henry Davis Dulaney holding Walter,
Minnie Mae Whitehead Dulaney holding Noonan, Etress Dulaney
Back: Will and Henry Robinson, Charlie Dulaney, Ethel Dulaney

The photo above was taken about 1908. Upon her death in early 1911, Effie's three orphaned sons were raised by her brother, Henry Davis Dulaney and his wife, Minnie Mae Whitehead. Effie and Henry Davis Dulaney were the children of Henry Dulaney and Mary Jane Priddy.

Effie Dulaney was married to William Sydney Robinson, and they had the following children:

* Henry Dayton Robinson -married Maudie A. Dulaney, daughter of Thomas "Bunt" Dulaney
* James Edward Robinson -married Vonnie D. Dulaney, daughter of Thomas "Bunt" Dulaney
* William Sydney Robinson, Jr. -married Leliar Belle Dulaney, daughter of Richard Nate Dulaney

Maudie and Vonnie were sisters to James H. "Jim" Dulaney, my husband's great-grandfather.

The obituary was likely written by Effie's nephew, Gilbert L. "Gib" Dulaney, the son of Alfred Thomas Dulaney.


Anonymous said...

Mona, thanks for this post.. you have once again added to our research on the Robinson, Dulaney connections to the Wallace clan. I had some bare branches and you helped fill them out. Thank you for all the work you put into this blogs, we really appreciate it!

Laura Wallace
Midland, Tx

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Mona, I love to read old obituaries such as this. They are so much more comforting than the modern ones of today.

Janice Tracy said...

What a beautiful obituary, Mona. And what a wealth of family information you have provided in just this one post.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Thank you, Judith, I love these old obituaries too. Although flowery, they convey so much more than the typical obits of today. Laura and Janice, when I came across the newspaper edition with Effie's obituary, I knew it had to be passed along for the wealth of information it contained. I was quite pleased to also find that I had a picture of Effie to go along with it.