Thursday, June 4, 2009

Four Senters

Seated for a photograph at this 1966 family get-together were (left to right): Oma Senter Dulaney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson "Tommy" Senter, and Alberta Chilcoat Senter.

Oma and Tommy were children of Thomas Alfred Senter and Susan Rebecca Woodard. Alberta was their sister-in-law, the widow of their brother James Robert Senter who died in 1945. I believe Tommy Senter's wife to be Martha Jane Jamerson although the woman in the photo was identified as "Anna" not Martha Jane. The Senter family is not a direct family line so I cannot confidently identify her.

Oma Senter was married to James Ewing Dulaney, son of John T. Dulaney and Frances "Fannie" Chilcoat. Oma's sister, Vona, was married to Joe Abb Dulaney, son of Joseph Benjamin Dulaney, while her brother, Charlie, was married to Vonnie Dulaney, daughter of Thomas "Bunt" Dulaney. If you are keeping count, those are three Senter siblings married to three Dulaneys.

What makes the Senter-Dulaney marriages so interesting is this: James Ewing Dulaney descends from Gilbert Dulaney, one of the three original Dulaney brothers who settled in Itawamba County in the 1830s. Joe Abb Dulaney, on the other hand, descends from Gilbert's brother, Alfred, and Vonnie Dulaney descends from the third brother, John!

Now, let's add another Senter-Dulaney marriage for this family. A fourth sibling, Jesse Senter, was married to Nervia Mae Dulaney, daughter of Alfred "Babe" Dulaney, who was the son of Alfred Dulaney, and Lucinda Alabama Chilcoat. And, have you noticed the recurring Chilcoat connections with this family also?

Jesse and Nervia's daughter, Jessie Bane Senter, is my daughter-in-law's grandmother.

Charlie Senter's wife, Vonnie Dulaney, was the daughter of my husband's great-great grandfather.

Jesse and Charlie were brothers.

Do you see why I call this blog Itawamba Connections?!

If you are confused, don't worry. When I started this post, I had no idea that I would wind up here! It just started out as a simple picture with four elderly Senters. Thanks goes out to Alan and Jeanette Dulaney for sharing this photo and others with Don Dulaney.


Janice Tracy said...

You are so funny, Mona...and, yes, I do understand why you call your blog "Itawamba Connections!" I really enjoy reading your blogs, and I continue to be amazed at the family history you present with each new picture.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Janice, I just never know where one of the pictures is going to lead me. I am always amazed myself at the connections I find.