Monday, June 15, 2009

James F. & Rhoda Dulaney Tucker

James and Rhoda Tucker are photographed here with their children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Rhoda, daughter of Gilbert Dulaney who was one of the original Dulaney brothers who migrated to Itawamba County shortly after 1830, was married to James F. Tucker, son of Silas Monroe Tucker, in December 1873. Rhoda is pictured second from left on the front row, holding her granddaughter Zora Digby. Her husband, James, is seated next to her on the front row. To Rhoda's left is her daughter, Mittie Bell, who was married to George Washington Digby. Mittie Bell is holding her son Walter. Next to Mittie Bell is her "double" sister-in-law, Bettie Digby Tucker, who was Mittie's husband's sister and Mittie's brother's wife. Bettie is holding her daughter Cora Mae Tucker.

On the back row are James and Rhoda's daughter, Rebecca; son, Thomas Arlandgo Tucker; son-in-law George Digby; and son, William King Tucker, who was married to Bettie Digby. George and Bettie Digby were siblings, children of George Washington Digby and Nancy Elizabeth Martin.

Now, let's add some relationships to this family. As usual with this part of the county, there are some Dulaneys involved.

The little girl on the front row who is not facing the camera is Zora Digby. Zora was married to George Thomas West, son of George Westley West and Mary Elizabeth Dulaney (daughter of the other Dulaney-immigrant brother, Alfred). Zora's brother, Walter, is being held by his mother. In addition to Zora and Walter, Mittie Bell and George Digby had four other children who were not yet born when this photograph was taken: Dexter, Eckford, Otis and Hollis.

Walter Digby, the baby in the photo, was married to Lucile Chamblee, and they had two children: Mittie Jane and Eugene. Eugene Digby is a well-known Itawambian - as pastor of East Fulton Baptist Church, he married me and my husband!

Rebecca, daughter of James and Rhoda Tucker, married Charlie Luther Guntharp in1903. Son Thomas "Tommy" Arlandgo Tucker married Ollie Johnson, daughter of Napolian A. Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Lester (and granddaughter of Stephen Johnson and Harriet Caroline Pierce, great-great-great grandparents of my husband).

Thanks to Larry Digby for sharing this photograph with Don Dulaney.


ldigby said...

Enjoyed reading this post. One slight correction......George and Bettie Digby's father was Henry Digby as opposed to George Washington Digby. The confusion may come from the fact that Henry had a brother named George who married Nancy E Martin (George and Bettie's mother) following Henry's death in 1874.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

I appreciate that correction. Census records would definitely be misleading for this family since the children's last name would be the same. Thanks for the clarification.

Richard said...

Actually I have another little correction. George Digby and Betty Digby Tucker were not siblings. George did have a sister Bettie who was my great-grandmother. She married John D. Wilson. They were the children of Henry Digby and Nancy Martin. Yes, there were two Betty Digbys. Betty Digby Tucker was their first cousin, the daughter of George W. Digby, brother of Henry. To complicate things further, after the death of Henry Digby, Nancy Martin Digby married George W. Digby, whose first wife, Elizabeth Ford had died. Thus the Digby cousins became step-siblings as well.