Friday, May 8, 2009

George Emerson Robinson - his second family

George and Virgie with children, c 1900
front row: Laurice, baby Wyatt, Marlin & Mautimer
back row: Octa, Agnes & Luna

Returning home from the Civil War, George Emerson Robinson married Charlottie A. Purnell about 1864 and together they had three sons, one of whom was my great-grandfather Gideon. After Charlotte's death in 1873, George remarried to Virginia Alice "Virgie" Downum, daughter of Hiram and Nancy Downum. By all accounts, Virgie was a wonderful stepmother to the three little boys. In addition to their ready-made family, George and Virgie had eight other children, all but Marvin is pictured in the above photo.

George and Virgie's children were:

Octa, born in 1878, never married
Agnes Mae, born in 1881, married George E. Gray
Luna Ethel, born in 1883, married Veto Shotts
Marvin E., born in 1886, died young
George Marlin, born in 1889, married Ezra Reynolds
Mautimer Dewitt, born in 1892, married Annie Maye Stone
Malburn Laurice, born in 1895, married Wilma Sue Wax
Wyatt Lagrone, born in 1899, married Eva Reynolds

It is a puzzle to me why Marvin is not pictured in the photo. He would have been about 13 or 14 years old at the time. Marvin died in 1908 at the age of 22 years, and his tombstone has the following inscription, "Sleep on dear child, and take thy rest." Perhaps in his parents' eyes, he was still a child at 22, but I wonder if maybe he suffered from some affliction or disability that caused his early death.


spursthatjangle said...

I'm indirectly related to Hiram P Downum. I have seen the picture of George Emerson Robinson's 2nd family and his wife Nancy Downum. I would give anything for a copy of this picture. Is there anyway I can get one? Also any clue to who Hiram P Downum's father is? I think I know but can't prove it yet. Great family mystery. Thanks if you can help with the picture or the info.
William Downum

William Downum said...

I'm Pretty sure that we found the father of Hiram P. Downum
William Downum